A Call To Men

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Men are strong. Women are weak. Men do not cry. Women weep. Men protect. Women need protecting. Men are hunters – women are prey.

In this candid talk, Tony Porter examines the role that a man’s upbringing plays in violence against women.

Please take a moment to watch the video and share it with the men in your lives.

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  • http://None Sajid

    So who will the women go to if they need protection?

    • The Untrendy Girl

      I think the bigger question is – Why do women need protection? If fathers teach their sons to be real men and to treat women with respect, women wouldn’t need protection.

      Of course, it’s every man and woman’s responsibility to protect the weak – for the able to assist those who are not. It’s not just a gender issue, it’s a human one.

  • Marci

    Very powerful story. Thank you for sharing.

  • http://www.shugarshug.blogspot.com Rachelle

    This is intense. It is indeed very powerful. I also agree with the issue not just pertaining to the male gender but the females as well in the act of the importance of raising a child and and learning to respect yourself and others around you.