Blush on Olive Skin

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The following are some tricks I would use on our reader if she were in my makeup chair. If you have features similar to our model, you may want to follow all, some, or none of these tips. It’s your face, do what makes you comfortable and happy.
Original on Left / Adjustments on Right

1. Blush

Blush can be baffling. So many options, so many ways to go wrong – sigh. The key is to be true to your skins’ natural tendencies.

*Look at the inside of your lower lip. Pick a color that resembles it.

Our model has a gorgeous, deep olive skin tone. Personally, I find that pink shades with lavender undertones work well on olive skin. A blush with a golden hue would be very flattering as well.

Here are some good options by Nars. These are kind of expensive ($26), so if they’re not in your budget, go to a store like Sephora, try blushes on until you find something great – leave it on – then go to a drugstore and find the closest match.

*Yes, it’s a lot of work, but at least you’ll end up with a blush that truly works for you and your budget.

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Side Note: If you have dry skin, you may want to try a cream blush. For oily skin that looks dewy naturally, you should use a powder blush without shimmer.

Tip: To make blush last all day, try using a cheek stain, gel or cream blush first, then top with powder to set.

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2. Overall Look

I filled in the front portion of the brows a bit, contoured and added a little gloss to the lips.

For more information about this look, please leave a comment below!

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