Dear Barbie

Dear Barbie,

Now that I am an adult, there are a few things I think you should know…


I always wanted to be like you. You had the perfect body, bright eyes, shiny hair, and millions of admirers. I thought you were what it meant to be a woman.

I’m a woman now, and I don’t look like you. I’m kind of short, kind of chubby, and my cup size leaves something to be desired. My hair never turned blonde, my eyes never became blue. I wished and wished and wished, but never ended up looking like you.

When I stopped wishing to be like you, I set myself free. I live my life as a short, semi-chubby, flat-chested woman with dark hair and dark eyes. I love with all of my heart. I give great advice. I do good things for good people, and I eat lots of carbs.

I realize now that our world’s celebration of your unrealistic attributes was a negative influence on my self-esteem.

Hold on to your looks Barbie, they’re all you’ve got. I have a heart, a soul, people who love me and people I love. None of us look like you and we don’t want to. In fact, you’d be so lucky to be like me. You are an empty plastic replica, I am a masterpiece. You were created by machine, and I was created by God.

I win.



[message_box] [text_box title=”” icon=”comment”] Although a part of me will always love Barbie, our relationship was toxic and I had to end it. Remember, when you try to be someone else – you will only be a bad imitation of them. Be the best you and there is no competition.[/text_box][/message_box][clear]
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  • Fatimah

    This is wonderfully written, love it!

    • The Untrendy Girl

      Thank you!

  • Jeannie

    This made me think of myself. I thought the same thing growing up. Keep true to yourself always and forever.

  • BbyAngel

    This is so beautifull!
    Can I post it on Tumblr!?

    • The Untrendy Girl


  • City Soles

    This is amazing!

  • Hotashi

    I feel like this article was right from my mind! Although I never idolized Barbi I definitely always compared myself to unrealistic popular thin, busty, blond-hair-blue-eyed women imagery (which Barbi definitely influenced the standard for) and always felt I was severely lacking. I’m finally old enough to realize it’s total garbage and there is nothing about myself that I should try to change or not be proud of. Thank you for this. It was a wonderful read and it’s somewhat comforting to know that others had similar experiences.

  • TheChubbyBlonde

    This really helped me to stop believing in my weight and to look at myself in a different light. Thank You x

    • The Untrendy Girl

      You have no IDEA how happy that makes me. Being petite all my life hasn’t stopped me from scrutinizing every bump, every mark, every bend in my nature-intended, made-to-fold waist. Society has made it so that us human girls just can’t compete with pixelated ones. I’m so glad that my little chat with Barbie helped you feel better about you. Remember the way you feel RIGHT NOW, always:)

  • Rachel Hunter

    I have played with barbies my entire life, I loved them. I am a short chubby brunette and can honestly say that I never compared myself to barbie. I didn’t even know kids did this until I was much older. Yes she was fun to play with and pretty, but who in their right mind sees a toy and thinks she needs to look like that? My little nephew doesn’t walk around pouting that he doesn’t look like his Mickey Mouse. It doesn’t make someone strong that years into adult hood they were able to “let go” of that. It just shows they had a very weak mind to let something so ridiculous happen in the first place.