4 Ways to Use Your Liquid Foundation

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Did you know that your good ol’ “go-to” liquid foundation is actually 4 products in one? Yep. It’s true. Here’s the list of money-saving products you can create from one unassuming little bottle of foundation:

1. Tinted Moisturizer

On the days when your skin is behaving extra good – let it be the star! Mix 1 part foundation to 1 – 2 parts moisturizer (based on the amount of coverage you need). Ta-dah! You have instant tinted moisturizer!

2. Concealer

You know that gross gunk that accumulates at the rim of your foundation bottle? Yeah – that gunk is GOLD! It’s like the golden bits of goodness that are left at the bottom of a pan after you sear a beautiful steak. It’s the concentrated version of your perfect color-matched foundation – it’s your customized concealer – for FREE! Use a small concealer brush to apply your concentrated foundation to blemishes after you’ve applied your foundation. Let it sit for a bit, then blend out the edges, and finally, set with a translucent powder.)

Tip: Wipe off the old gunk (it’s probably too thick and dark at this point). Within a day or two, you will have a new layer of concentrated foundation around the bottle rim to work with.

3. Highlighter

If you have a liquid foundation and a loose mineral eyeshadow (preferably in a light, iridescent shade), you have a highlighter. Sculpt cheekbones and define brows by mixing a few pinches of loose mineral eyeshadow into your liquid foundation. Play with it until you get the right luminosity and consistency. Free liquid highlighter! Now, use a couple of dabs on your cheekbones, under your brow, or on your decolletage for a healthy glow.

Hint: It’s also an inexpensive way to disguise marks and bruises on legs and arms.

4. Get a True Color Payoff

Get true color payoff by starting with a neutral canvas (aka, your face). Apply foundation to your eyelids and on your lips (yes, directly on your mouth) to neutralize underlying shades. Set with a translucent powder and you’ve got a beautiful, clean canvas! Your red lips will pop, your colorful eye shadows will be more vibrant and your overall look will be polished and professional – not to mention, it will last much longer!

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  • farah

    this a first time i have come here on ur blog .. lov this article 5stars :)

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  • Ren

    Your blog post got plagiarized word-for-word and with the same pictures on Shantea Mac’s blog here. Sad she didn’t even bother giving credit. :(


    • admin

      Thank you so much for looking out for us. Google has removed the infringing content!

  • Tara

    For tip #4, what brand of translucent powder would you recommend?

    • http://comcast Tricia

      Ulta has their own brand at Ulta stores. Also Bare Minerals has many shades you could use!

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