Luscious Lips and More

The following are some tricks I would use on our reader if she were in my makeup chair. If you have features similar to our model, you may want to follow all, some, or none of these tips. It’s your face, do what makes you comfortable and happy.

makeup-before-and-afterMakeup Before and After

1 – Beautiful Full Lips

If you have full lips, you’re lucky. Most of the world wishes they had what you have. Just keep in mind, your lips are already a prominent part of your face. Using a bright, opaque lip color may be a bit overwhelming. Save the fun colors for a fun occasion. For your best everyday look, use a natural, more muted lip color. Balance your lips by playing up your eyes.

*Some women with full lips like to minimize them. If this is you, you might want to try a deeper colored lipstick in a satin or matte. Something like “Verve” by MAC. Personally, I wouldn’t want you to wear too dark a shade on your lips. You’re young and beautiful; use a gloss, glaze or balm that lets some of your natural lip tone shine through. (Avoid too shiny glosses.)

2 – Sweet Eyes

Your slightly downward sloped eyes make you look sweet and innocent. By heavily lining your lower lid, you are exaggerating the shape – you don’t want to look sad! Try lightening up on the liner under your eyes. Focus your attention to the outer edge of your upper lid. Your eyes are close-set, so make sure you keep the inner corner and inner lid of your eyes light or neutral. (Reference my “Smoky Eye Guide“).

*Dark color on entire lid will make eyes look closer together.

3 – Contours

You have a youthful round face. In order to add a little definition, contour. Using a contour brush (looks like a blush brush, but angled), apply a medium toned bronzer right under your cheekbones, at your temples, your hairline, the sides of your nose and along your jawline. Your face will look more sculpted almost immediately. It’s one of my favorite tricks! (Reference my “Highlighting and Contouring Guide“)

*Favorite bronzer: Cargo bronzer

4 – Eyebrows

Never underestimate the value of a good brow. Try letting your brows grow in a bit, specifically, in the front end. In the mean time, use a brow pencil or shadow filler to fake a full brow.

*Favorite Brow product: Smashbox

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    I really love this before and afters, the crease color made a huge difference, and the brows. Very interesting