No More Hiding From Dark Circles!

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There are those who can blame their dark under eye circles on a late night of partying – and then there are the rest of us unfortunate ones – the ones who have circles even on the most well-rested, hydrated and happy days.

We are united in our fight against a common hereditary enemy – dark under eye circles. They’re not going anywhere, but neither are we.

Arm yourself with a few simple tricks and banish (for the moment) your dark nemesis.

Step 1. Prep

Whether the cause of your dark circles is environmental (smoking, pollution, dehydration, sleep-deprivation, etc) or hereditary (thanks mom and dad) – hydration is your first stop.

1- Use a good emollient (thick) eye cream – something that really hydrates. Gently pat a dot of eye cream around your eye area.

*I really like Avon’s Anew Alternative Eye Cream for moisture.

**If you have puffiness, I prefer DDF’s Eye Erase Gel.


2- After your eye cream has had a few moments to penetrate the skin, apply a tiny dab of a silicone-based primer. (My favorite is Smashbox, but use what you like.)

*Pat from the outer edge and move  in towards the tear duct. This will help drain access fluids through the sinuses. If you’ve got puffiness, store your eye cream in the refrigerator – the cool cream in addition to the patting motion will help.

Step 2: Foundation

Apply a thin layer of your everyday foundation around the eye area.

*I like to use a thin layer of foundation on the entire face before applying any concealer. Foundation conceals small amounts of discoloration. Blemishes that show through can be further concealed with a heavier concealer.

Step 3: Identify

You’re prepped. Your foundation is on. Now you need to identify the dark areas that show through. When you know where the darkest areas are, you can target them with concealer.

Step 4: Conceal

Using your finger or a concealer brush, dot concealer directly onto dark areas. Don’t use too much – it will lead to creases and caking.

I like Bobby Brown’s concealer, but try several different kinds – find one that works for you.

*For dark circles, use a peachy yellowish concealer that is a couple of shades lighter than your skin tone.

Step 5: Blend

Allow concealer to sit on skin for about a minute, then, blend concealer using a patting motion. Do not wipe.

Step 6: Final Touches

At this point, you may set your concealer with a bit of translucent powder. If you have deep lines or wrinkles, you might want to skip the powder.

Frame your newly freshened-up eyes by filling in sparse brows. Apply mascara to the top lashes for a little oomph. You are good to go!

*Avoid applying liner or mascara to the lower lashline if you have dark circles. Doing so may exaggerate the problem.


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