Oily Girl On-The-Go: Blotting Quick Fixes

Suddenly slick conditions call for on-the-go resourcefulness. Here are my “blotting-sheet-less” quick fixes for de-shining in a pinch:

How-to: Place on skin, gently pat with fingers … and done. Do NOT rub or wipe.

At the Office

[text_box icon=”download”]Notebook paper: non-glossy notebook paper is highly absorbent, and readily available. [/text_box]

Public Bathroom

[text_box icon=”download”]Toilet paper: Separate the two-ply sheet into a single ply, and blot.[/text_box] [text_box icon=”gears”]Toilet seat cover: The matte (non-shiny) side of a toilet seat cover absorbs just as well as a blotting sheet (just pull one from the back that doesn’t have toilet flush spray on it … ech!).[/text_box]

Fast Food

[text_box icon=”download”]Brown napkins: Those cheap, one-ply brown napkins that you can get for free at any good fried chicken joint sop up T-zone oil just as well as greasy trans fats. Stick a few in your purse at your next $5 latte pick-up (who are we kidding? You paid for those.)[/text_box]

In the Car

[text_box icon=”download”]Store receipts: I don’t know about you, but I’ve always got receipts lying around in my car (gas fill-up, drive-thru iced coffees, a dozen “nosh-while-I-drive-and-regret-it-later” Munchkins, etc.). The non-shiny kind are great oil-absorbers.[/text_box]
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