Olay Pro, Clarisonic Mia or Plus – Which to buy??

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I know several people who have tried one or the other, but has anyone tried all three? There’s a huge price difference, but how about the quality? Is paying almost $100 difference from mia to plus really worth it- I’m assuming the technology is the same, but with a few less buttons.


I’d go with the Clarisonic Mia. I own the more expensive Clarisonic brush that features 3 speeds, but I really don’t find myself using more than one. The Mia is great for packing when traveling it’s definitely more affordable.

I tried the Olay Pro brush — HUGE disappointment. After using the Clarisonic, the Olay Pro felt like it did nothing at all.

If you want a good investment that doesn’t break the bank, go with Clarisonic Mia.


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