Problems with Shooting Star Brows

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Hi! Here are a couple close up pictures of me. Hopefully you can tell I have the shooting star brows! I’m trying to grow them out now, but it seems to be going slow. Can you also recommend any brow blush or brow kits? Thanks!  



Hi Nicole,

I took a look at your brows (by the way, you’re absolutely beautiful). I see the “shooting star” brow shape but I also feel that your brow has been plucked away in the front, leaving it a bit short.

Instead of aligning your brow’s start-point with the side of your nose, I lined it up with the corner of your eye. I think this is the most flattering place for the eyebrow to start in your case.

At home, draw in your brows with a light taupe pencil (as I did on the photo). Pluck away hairs that don’t fall within the taupe area (areas shaded green). Your brows may look sparse when you wipe away the pencil, but at least they’ll be growing in all the right places (shaded red).

Once you’re done grooming the shape, go back in with a stiff angled eye brow brush and a brown eyebrow powder*.

*Mac’s eyebrow pencils are a makeup artist favorite, but you can use any drugstore brand, depending on your budget. I love Smashbox’s powder/wax eyebrow duo, but I hear E.L.F. cosmetics makes a lovely, much-more-affordable version.

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