Sandal Scandal — Get Totally Shameless Feet

Sandal season is prime time to show off your sexy feet — that is, if your feet are sandal-ready. Don’t let your little piggies endure one more sealed-toe day in shame. We know you neglected your feet all winter … (Footie pajamas are a beautiful thing).
[clear] Let’s face it — even the prettiest polish can’t make your callused heels and dry toes look flip-flop worthy. I mean, you can try … but there’s a good chance you’ll spend the better part of the day craftily diverting attention from your prehistoric-looking feet.

There’s not a foot lotion known to man that will smooth those grumpy, callused bad boys on its own.

Enter — the callus shaver.

Sound scary? It’s not. It’s actually a genius invention that gently removes dry, dead surface skin and hard-to-soften calluses with an enclosed blade (don’t worry — calluses have no nerves, so it doesn’t hurt at all). Pair it with a few tried-and-true at-home pedicure tricks and you’ll be sandal-ready in no time!

Here’s what to do:


Gather the following tools:

  Callus shaver: PedEgg™, Revlon … lots of brands make them now
  Exfoliator: Pumice stone, foot scrub … any exfoliating method will do
  Foot Cream: Choose a deeply hydrating, emollient product
  Thick Socks: A thick pair of cotton socks are just fine


Settle your tootsies into some warm, soapy water for about five minutes to soften the skin. Pat dry.


Gently, and we mean gently, draw the callus shaver blade over the hardened areas of skin in a firm downward stroke. Apply moderate pressure and aim to shave off only the topmost layers of hardened skin. Dead skin is typically whitish or grey in color. If things start getting ticklish, it means you’re getting closer to healthy skin — it’s time to slow down and make sure you’re not going too far.


In a circular motion, gently rub your pumice stone or exfoliator of choice over the areas you just shaved. This helps smooth away uneven patches.


Give your feet a quick rinse, pat dry, and apply a generous amount of heavy-duty foot cream. Massage your feet until the product is mostly absorbed, then, pull on your socks and let the good stuff soak in and soften your skin — over night, if possible.


Feet are gross. Make sure to clean your callus shaver by dumping out shavings (eww), then, separate the razor from the tool, and soak them both in some hot, soapy water. A good wipe-down with rubbing alcohol will disinfect as well. Be careful not to cut yourself while cleaning up!

Now go flaunt those shameless feet in something little and strappy. Good luck!

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Sandal Scandal — Get Totally Shameless Feet

Sandal season is prime time to show off your sexy feet —...
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