How A Tomboy Tackles Makeup

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Now, I don’t want to brag, but I’m pretty tough. I never cry during movies, I open all my own jars and I’ve never met a spider that wasn’t more afraid of me than I of it. Still, there is one thing that stopped me cold in my tracks — makeup.

Yes, regular old makeup. Turns out, the natural skill with which so many girls effortlessly transform themselves had evaded me completely.

So I abstained — for the most part. Happy to sport a fresh, clean look that complemented my active lifestyle, I only occasionally found myself facing the “makeup” situation — usually due to the never-gonna-happen expectations of a boyfriend.

No worries. Turns out, boyfriends are much easier to remove than waterproof mascara. But as I hung precariously at the edge of my late 20s, I found myself in more and more social situations that required a certain … je ne sais quoi?

Of course, I could have bucked expectation. In fact, I often defy convention — whether it’s splitting the check on dates (equality is as equality does) or proudly admitting that the color black is to me what pink is to most girls (not in a morbid way, it’s just so versatile!).

But the reality was dawning on me: I kind of really enjoyed that “pretty” feeling that came with wearing makeup.

It’s not like I hadn’t tried. I dabbled with foundation, but my face and neck couldn’t agree on a shade. I desperately practiced winged eyeliner, but even at its best — it was abstract art. I bought BB cream in anticipation of a first date — turns out, I’m allergic to the scent.

Through this painstaking process of “beauty roulette”, I discovered a manic passion for mascara. I realized that I loved the light scent and skin-softening properties of sesame body oil. And at this point, I’d probably give up my left foot before abandoning my hair straightener.

I’m just a grown-up tomboy, one who still arm wrestles boys, drinks bourbon and changes her own tires. But, I also bake a mean apple pie, love to snuggle and yes, occasionally play dress-up.

It’s all part of being a well-rounded, multi-dimensional human being; one who isn’t too tough — or too scared — to tackle makeup.


BB (beauty balm) and CC (color corrector) creams offer fuss-free skincare plus light/medium coverage — all in one. Multiple benefits with a single application! Apply to skin like you would a moisturizer.
Tinted Lip Balms go on like Chapstick™, with a hint of natural color.
Mascara is a makeup essential. Easy to apply and always in style. It opens up the eyes and elongates the lashes for a girly, doe-eyed look that’s flattering on EVERY GIRL. Yes, you too.

Start with these three products and once you’re comfortable, begin experimenting with blush, eyeshadow, and even eyeliner.

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  • Meredith

    I hate foundation, but know it is so important! I’m going to give the BB/CC suggestion a try ASAP and see if that works out better for me. Thanks, fellow tomboy!
    : )

  • Erin

    “Turns out, boyfriends are much easier to remove than waterproof mascara.”

    Haha brilliant.

  • Kat

    This week, I used these three products and am in love!

    • The Untrendy Girl

      So glad! Which brands did you choose?

  • rufus the cat

    I find your liberal use of the dash most enjoyable.