The ‘No Makeup’ Look

Jealous of those girls who look perfect without a drop of makeup? Me too. Here’s how you can get that ‘no makeup’ look.

Caution: It requires makeup.


Step 1 – Prep Skin

Moisturize. After moisturizer, you may want to use a primer (optional).

*Primers fill in pores, smooth lines and help makeup glide on. They help retain moisture and prolong the life of your makeup. They can be used with or without makeup. Primers also come in skin correcting shades. (More about primers in an upcoming post)


Step 2 – Foundation

Apply foundation – using a sponge or brush – in a thin layer over your entire face, including around the eyes. Make sure you blend into your hairline and jaw. NO STREAKS! It’s okay if some blemishes show through – we’ll take care of those in the next step.

*Foundation should disappear into your jawline – that’s how you know it’s the right color.

What kind of foundation to use? Here’s the short version:

Dry Skin = Liquid or Cream

Oily = Powder foundation, cream to powder or matte mousse foundation

Combination = Liquid, cream, powder or tinted moisturizer[clear]

Step 3 – Concealer

If you still have blemishes showing through, now’s the time to address them.

Under Eyes: Most likely, the darkest parts of your eyes will be the inner corners, outer corners, and directly under the tear duct area. Dab concealer exactly where you see shadows and darkness. Let it rest for a minute or two, then blend in a gentle patting motion.

Blemishes: Dab concealer directly onto the blemish and a little bit beyond it. Let it rest for a bit, then gently pat the edges to blend concealer into foundation.

*Don’t use a wiping motion, you’ll just remove the concealer.

Optional Step – Powder

Oily Skin: Apply translucent powder using a loose powder brush over the entire face. This will help absorb oil and set your makeup.

Combination Skin: Dust translucent powder using a loose powder brush onto t-zone (that’s the forehead, nose, upper lip and chin)

Dry Skin: Skip this step.


Step 4 – Bronzer

Using a blush brush or powder brush, lightly dust bronzer onto cheeks, the bridge of your nose and around you hairline and jawline.

Don’t use an orangy bronzer, you’ll look like an Oompa-Loompa. Also, don’t use bronzer on your entire face. The point is to create dimension and contrast.

* The bronzer step is SO important. It brings life back into your face. Foundation and concealer alone make you look like a zombie![clear]

Step 5 – Blush

Dip a blush brush into a peachy/pinky blush. Stroke blush onto the apples of your cheeks (that’s the part that pops out when you smile).

Flushed cheeks look youthful. Many women are accustomed to applying blush to their cheekbones – which is great for creating contours – but if you want a natural, youthful flush, just apply blush to the apples of your cheeks.

*If you need a bit of contouring, use a subtle bronzer instead of blush. It looks more natural.


Optional Step – Highlighter

If you want your bone structure to really stand out, you might want to do this step. Highlighters come in powders, creams and liquids. They’re often slightly iridescent.That means, anything you put it on will stand out.

Apply highlighter under the brow bone, around the tear duct, and on the cheekbone (in a C-shape that goes from your cheekbone to just above the eyebrow.)


Step 7 – Eyes

For a very natural look, use dark brown, however, most women look best with black mascara.

Start at the root and wiggle the brush up and out. Make sure there aren’t any clumps.

*Look down into a mirror while applying mascara. It’s easier to keep your eyelid clean this way.[clear]

Step 8 – Brows

Just because you’re going for a natural look doesn’t mean you should forget about the brows! Good brows will make you look put together even without a ton of makeup.

*Take a look at some of my “brow” articles for tips on how to shape, fill and define your brows.


Step 9 – Lips

Use a little color on your lips. A natural lip color will make you look healthy. Pale lips on a bare face will make you look washed-out.

Use a tinted lip balm or a peachy/pinky lipgloss. Unless your lips lack definition, you don’t have to use a lip liner.


Step 10 – You’re done.

If you matched and blended your makeup well, some poor girl should be jealous of how naturally gorgeous you are at this very moment.[clear]

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  • Shyema

    So crazy how so little can make such a big difference, but still be so subtle. This is my favorite kind of make up. I like CoverGirl’s LashBlastLength for natural days — it doesn’t clump, lengthens and separates without making it too thick.

    • theuntrendygirl

      I agree! I love being all dolled up, but I love the natural look even more. Thanks for the tip about CoverGirl’s LashBlastLength. Lash Blast is one of the best mascaras I’ve tried – second only to my favorite Voluminous, by Loreal. (I like va-va-voom-ish lashes:)

  • Fariha

    This was very informative…I love highliter but have yet to try it. Maybe I will now.

    Ive been using Loreal’s Voluminous since I was 16 years old…THE BEST!

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