Perfect Valentine’s Day Makeup

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Create a romantic Valentine’s Day look with a candlelit glow and soft, kiss-proof lips. 

If you’ve been loading up on makeup, you’re doing it wrong. Guys love a fresh, healthy glow and kissable lips. Ask any guy, he’ll tell you!

Candlelit Glow

Apply a soft, shimmering highlighter powder on cheekbones, temples, inner corners of the eyes, under the brow bone and on the outer corner of your lower lashline. I like to use “Albatross” by NARS — applied with a large, round eyeshadow blending brush.

Kiss-Proof Lips

Brush a tiny bit of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’ Lip Tar (in “Memento”) on to lips for a beautiful blush pink pout that will stay put — all night.


Load up on mascara (or false lashes, if you dare) and go with a “what makeup?” look. He’ll be awe-stricken by your natural beauty 😉

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