There’s Something Off About My Eyebrows Arch

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There’s something off about my brows arch, but I can’t pin point what it is. Everywhere I get my eyebrows done they do it differently. One time I got them done I loved the shape they made, but when I came back to the same place, they did it differently!


It would be great if you could point out where is the flaw in design, or what is it that makes it look so off in real life.

Solution to Eyebrow Arch

First off, I think you have great brows! There’s a lot to work with so it’s easy for you to get a different shape every time.

My initial reaction to your picture is that your brows are too squared off. Natural brows do not tend to grow in so geometrically. I would remove a couple of hairs to slightly round off the front.


Also, I think they started to arch your brow too soon. I would start the arch further up and straighten the line that leads up to it.

So you can see what I am talking about, I created my version of the ideal brow shape for you using Photoshop. The left side is your original shape and the right side is my recommendation for you.

Next time you go in to get your brows shaped, take a white eyeliner pencil with you. Sketch over all of the hairs you want removed. This way, you will be able to see the finished shape before thread, wax or tweezers come anywhere near your brows. Your brow artist will be able to remove the hairs that are colored white. Everything else stays in place.

I hope this helps!

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